Hotels and Catering Businesses

We have 40 years’ experience in processing hotel payroll. By its nature this type of business brings with it a number of complexities. Hotels have multiple payroll cycles with some employees being paid hourly, some weekly, and some monthly.

Some of the unusual requirements for payroll processing in hotels include :

  • Shorter pay periods combined with the more routine monthly ones
  • Net to gross pay requirements
  • Taxation of gratuities
  • Overtime payments and complex holiday pay calculations
  • High staff turnover with a varying proportion of casual employees
  • Monitoring of minimum wage
  • Labour intensive workplace pension requirements
  • Auto enrolment solutions
  • Departmentalised management reporting

Our GDPR compliant portal allows your staff to access their payslips and historical information via mobile, tablet or PC. This facility reduces payslip enquiries from staff and ensures a secure method of delivering payslips and statutory year end information.